Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday - sharpening and a shop tip.

  Many of the blogs have clever titles like; Wednesday Wonders, or What's Up Wednesday. I guess I could have called today wandering Wednesday, though technically my peregrinations were not aimless.  The day was a beautiful motorcycle riding day and so I zipped about  taking care of little businesses.

 I went to see my brother and he showed me two pocket knives that he had unearthed in an old suitcase/briefcase.  One of the knives was his Boy Scout knife, so you know it is old.  Both knives were dull, I suspect that they had seen hard service. Lucky for him I was there and said I would sharpen then for him.  I had a kitchen knife that needed work, but had not gotten around to it. His two knives motivated me to set aside some time to  do the job properly.

my basic knife sharpening set up
  You can see the three knives that needed attention.  All the blades were dulled to the point that a touch up with the strop or a steel wasn't enough.  I begin this rehabilitation process with a large 1000 grit water stone. This is an oil based sharpening system. 

Stanley Sharpening 3-pc Kit 16-050

 I don't take a position on water vs. oil when sharpening. I use water because that is the system with which I started, for no reason than a random purchase. I strongly support the position, pick a system and work with it until you get good at it. And, do not over look the contribution from a leather sharpening strop. 

  As well as taking some time to do some serious sharpening I added a detail to my music stand.

  I decided that I would make my music stand adjustable for height and so needed to drill come holes in black stained wood.  Needless to say an ordinary pencil is not going to mark worth a hoot.  Having encountered this situation before I had a solution on hand. I have a yellow water colour pencil crayon in my collection of markers and as you can see.....the marks really show up. 

  By the way, the wandering, my Mom's place, Costco, a $ Store, an office supply store, a bank, in three different cities. It was not efficient, or carefully planned but it was great morning's riding.

cheers, ianw

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