Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday March 14th 2014

  I can't think of a clever title for this blog.  After 621 blogs I hope you will forget a small case of writers block. Aside from lacking an interesting title I to have two videos and some photos to share.

  Last November I blogged about making 30 Cajons for a local school. Yesterday some photos arrived of the Cajons finished and decorated by the kids.  I have been sent a bunch of photos, and to be fair I have to show them all.

 Well done kids.  I hope that you have hours of banging and pounding and making music.

 The first video I wanted to share was a short article  by Chris Schwarz.  "Why I love Spade Bits", is certainly going to make me rethink the spade bit. I especially like the idea of re-sizing the bits slightly. As with every other product, things seem to be more expensive in Canada, but spade bits are still reasonably priced, and there are always cheaper brands available.

 The second video is a router table video. The video shows components being made for another project but what I wanted to show off was the use of the auxiliary fence and the push block. Even though the wood workers in the video are using a very good router table system, the Kreg table, they realize that a couple of specialized jigs can make the job even easier.

 cheers  Ianw

ps. we are getting ready for a trip to Sweden, soon you will be hearing from an international correspondent. 
  Think spring, it is just around the corner, maybe, although our snow is melting, finally and that is a good sign. 

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