Monday, March 30, 2015


  There has been a small interruption in the flow of blogs.  I was relaxing for the last couple of days with my kids in Gavle and we've had a couple of travelling days. Yesterday we had a run through the airport experience like you see in movies but we did get to our plane on time.  As an aside KLM stuffs you in like a sardine but had pretty good in flight movies and better than average food.

  For this blog I thought I would gather together some videos sharing information about chisels..
  Woodworking chisels come in a variety of styles, there are butt chisels, and mitre chisels and paring chisels and pattern makers chisels and off set chisels and skew chisels and cranked neck chisels, bevel edge chisels and I'm sure my list is not complete.

  Chris Schwarz wrote an article for fine woodworking a while ago, and I posted it at the time but thought it worth a re-post, called The Theory of Chisel Monogamy 

Footprint, 1/2'' Bevel Edge Wood Chisel

  What Mr. Schwarz is talking about is the wood working version of the K.I.S.S. theory.  Keep it Simple, Sonny is one version and the other is Keep It Super Sharp.  A small number of chisel means less maintenance time and a chisel has to be sharp, very sharp some would say Scary Sharp.

  Now for some of the educational, back to basic videos. 

How to use a wood working chisel

Paring plugs Flush

    I am not comfortable claiming to know the best route to wood chisel happiness, but I am confident in recommending the final destination.  A small number of very sharp chisels makes life in the shop easier and more productive. As for the gospel of sharpening, I do not suggest any particular sect, I strongly suggest that you pick a method, practise with it until your tools are sharp and stick with it.  Spend more time working and less time sharpening.

 cheers, ianw

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