Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hello from Sweden.

  For the next two weeks I will be blogging from Sweden. This week Eva and I are staying in Uppsala, Sweden's fourth largest city and oldest University town.  Today's blog features a video I picked up this evening as we are relaxing from a busy day visiting the cathedral and a couple of museums.  I'll have some photos of neat wooden doors and floors for a later blog.

  Today's video is Matthias Wandel building tool holders for the wall in front of the his bench.

   Check out the system he uses for sizing the holders, I love it when the best method is the simplest.

  If you are planning to build a wall holder you should use that as a chance review your screwdrivers and maybe get some quality replacements, that set you got as a prize for buying gas each week probably should be demoted to paint can openers. Just saying, I am old enough to remember when service stations gave out gifts to encourage your business.

  Uppsala is nice, clean, pleasant and civilized. I am a big fan.
Uppsala Cathedral seem from the River Fryis

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