Thursday, March 5, 2015

An Odd Coincidence

 Even though we in Ontario set a record for the coldest February and I was just told that we set a record for being colder than the arctic for February, we have had some bright beautiful days. On those days it was nice to look out the window at the forest behind our house and look forward to the coming season.  We have done extensive work in our back yard since moving into this house and so the coming spring and summer should be glorious. So my thoughts turned to bird houses and bee hotels.

  Oddly enough Popular Woodworking posted a blog on bird houses. All that information about hole size and box size are talked about and there is even a preview of a video on bird house building.

 Last fall I published this photo of bird houses made by a local fellow and sold once a year at the Locke St. Festival.

  I have been thinking it is time for Kieran, Clara and I to make a couple more bird houses to put up in our back yard early this spring.

  It just seemed funny that bird houses seem to be on peoples minds just now.

  My next big project will be a small but heavy work bench.  I recently picked up two Clamp Vises by KREG  which I am going to put on the front of my bench at either end to act as a face vises for both ends of a board instead of having to make a deadman (lumber support).  The bench is going to be small, about 2 feet by 4 feet and I plan to weight the base down with sand or stones to make the bench very stable.

  I am gathering together materials at this point and the Clamp Vises are almost the last ingredient.  I'll keep you posted.

cheers, ianw 

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