Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lap Top Stand by Steve Carmichael

   Steve Carmichael has website filled with good basic projects, that he makes with good technique and straight forward tools.  If you are an experience wood worker  or a beginning wood worker there is value in Steve's site.

  This video is his making a Lap Top Computer stand/night table.  I like that he begins the project with Big Box Store lumber and uses tools that most wood workers have in their shop.  And, this project could be completed by someone working with hand tools alone. You won't need a real shop, you could build this in the spare bed room of your apartment.

lap top stand
  When I see projects like this I think some of my first projects.  Years ago I made a book case for my parents and I built it on the patio and painted it under cover of the car port. I doubt  if any of the corners were square, but the book case is still in my Mother's basement.

  To get started in wood working shouldn't cost a fortune. While power tools aren't necessary I would suggest that at least a drill, a jig saw and a random orbital sander would make your life easier. After those tools I would add a circular saw with a good blade and a mid-power router.  Everything else is a bonus.  

  Check out this video and his other ones too.

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