Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jimmy DiResta: Log Bird House

Log Bird House

    One of the most clever builders on the internet is Jimmy DiResta.  He has You tube videos of wood and metal working projects and I am in awe of his skills. His wood working is artistic and his welding and metal work is excellent.  In the log bird house video he makes the bird house with hand tools, basic hand tools. He used a general purpose saw, and hand drill and a couple of chisels to make his bird house.

  There are a couple of lessons in this video,though Mr. DiResta doesn't say anything. Lesson one: sharp tools, Lesson Two: solid clamping to a solid workbench.

 I am going to look around my garage for a piece of fire wood that is big enough to copy Mr. DiResta's example.

 *regarding bird houses.  
   Check on the net for the correct size hole for your most popular birds. If the hole is too large you'll get squirrels not birds. Also leave the perch peg off, that peg provides a place for predator birds to sit and attack the baby birds in the bird house, the bird that lives there won't need the perch.

cheers, Ian W

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