Friday, February 20, 2015

Carrying on, and also slightly side tracked.

  I am working away on the bench project, mixing it in with shovelling snow and playing pool and watching Top Gear re-runs. It would seem that I am not totally focused on the shop just now.

  The next part of the bench project is legs.  I have an ever dwindling supply of oak and decided for looks and strength to make the legs from it.

back legs

  The back legs will get a slight taper and will then be screwed onto the side apron and rail that I've added to the seat. I really haven't decided how to attach the front legs since they are not destined to be on the front corners of the bench.  The front legs have to be inset from the ends quite a bit to fit under our table because table has some awkward braces holding the legs in position  

front legs glued up

 One of the things that has been keeping me out of my shop has been the latest book I am making for my Grandson.  Kieran loves transportation machines and so I have drawn the pictures for a train book, a boat book and the latest book is airplanes. I love that he is young enough that my drawings make him happy. I know that once he gets computer age it will be all down loads and print outs, so I glory in drawing pictures for him now. 

  The thing today that I let divert me was brilliant sun shine.  When I came out of the pool hall today I was blinded by brilliant, brilliant winter sun shine. The sun glasses in my car...well,you judge.

  The plastic from the ear pieces has totally fatigued and fallen away, unusually the lens are still scratch free so the glasses need to be saved.

 I took some basswood, light and easy 
to shape. Formed it, glued the wire into the channel with epoxy then wrapped it in tape and clamped the dickens out of it. After the epoxy has set over night I will shape the wooden ear pieces and finish them with tung oil.

  I have the wonderful luxury of having my time to myself.  I do take on serious projects in my shop, but not very often anymore, and so I like to putter away my time doing silly wee jobs like the sun glasses.

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