Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Sunday Blog

  Today is yet another overcast cold day. I'm passing the afternoon doing some paper work and sorting out old computer files.  I came across this photo of an amazing tree on Tamaki Drive in Auckland New Zealand.  Needless to say Auckland does not get snow and ice, so the tree's canopy's do not get broken down.

    The branches of that tree reach over four lanes of traffic. This is one of those trees that is so amazing I don't imagine cutting it into lumber.

  To show that I do complete some projects:

 Here are the sun glasses with the finished ear pieces.  These glasses live in my car and I wear them over my seeing glasses,  so I'll not naive enough to imagine they were ever stylish. This distraction project has breathed new life into the glasses and I hope to get another season out of them.

  The last thing I want to share today is a project I found on

Picture of One Board Minimalist Chair
Make a One Board Chair

  This looks like a great portable chairs for kids.  Once the chair(s) are built the decoration could be left to the style, fair and taste of your grand kids.

  You could also use more tools, like a router to round over edges and use wood filler and a sander to repair knots and other imperfections.

cheers, ianw

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