Friday, February 27, 2015

Coldest February On Record for Ontario, Canada

  Today is the last day of the coldest February on record.  The sun is shining brightly and there is melting snow but the nights are so cold that there is no noticeable reduction in our snow banks. Most everyone one is heartily sick and tired of the winter.

  Today I went to the Hamilton Wood Show to see what was new and interesting and mostly meet up with old friends. I have been going to the Hamilton Wood show for its entire history, and actually worked in booths at the show for a number of years.  
  What was new? Not much...which isn't a bad thing.

  There is a company selling a new (?) wood finish. The "Last Glue" was there.  All the usual suspects, Bosch, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Hitachi, King etc were there too. Again I considered a compressor and a 23 gauge pin nailer and again talked myself out of it. I guess I'm not an air tool guy but Grex had a very nice compact compressor and air brush combination for sale that caught my eye.




  I finally bit the bullet and replaced by Hitachi 14.4 volt cordless drills, the drills are fine but the batteries are burned out.  I took a flyer and bought a 12 volt drill/impact driver combo pack from Triton
 I've never had an impact driver before so I am curious to see if I think to use it. I don't have the stats but I feel that the new 12 volt drill develops as much or more torque as did my old 14.4 system. It should, after all, technology has moved well along its path in the last ten years. 

  The other thing I always stuns me at the wood show is the carving.  This year I only took a couple of photos on my phone as I foolishly forgot to take a good camera to the show.

  I also took a photograph of a friend of mine's carved boot.

  Dave's boot even has leather laces, a nice touch that I'd not thought of when I carved my boot. I think it is time to carve another boot. I has been boot weather this winter, that's for sure.
  Something that is new and actually useful is this thermal imaging camera for an Iphone.

Thermal Imaging Camera for iPhone LW-BAA
Iphone Thermal Imaging Camera
  If I was fussing over heat loss in my house I think this camera would provide the proof I needed to make some of decisions. is just way cool.  You've got to love technology.

  Cheers, Ian W 


Thermal Imaging Camera for iPhone LW-BAA

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