Monday, May 12, 2014

Hand Saws, the Saws you Need + One+ another

  Once again Chris Schwarz says it all, clearly and briefly.  Recently Chris's blog entry "the saws you need" arrived in my in box.


  by Chris Schwarz.

   Chris did miss one saw that I decided needed.

24 inch Bow Saw
still in the wrapper.

   This is why I need the bow saw. Over the last while I have collected a bunch of branches from local trees and am going to cut them up, seal the ends and let them dry for a season or two.

  My plan is to turn spindles and other small lathe projects from this wood.  I thought about dragging the branches into my shop and cutting them on the band saw,  too much trouble.  Then I thought about buying a big mean blade for my reciprocal saw, but that meant long extension cords and having to haul a WorkMate or something about too. My solution, a bow saw. It is quiet, not too aggressive, safe,  ultra portable and not too expensive.   

  In that pile of wood I have Black Locust, White Cedar, Soft Maple, Poplar and Pussy Willow.  None of the wood is exotic. but it was free.  There will be lots of wood chips and hours of shop pleasure.

  And one saw that I have that I really like and Chris has decided against is a rip saw.  My rip saw is outstanding. 

 It will cut dry wood almost a quickly as my band saw.  Since I built my saw bench I have used the rip saw regularly for any type  of job that needs one or two cuts.  

My saw bench, just build one, it comes in sooooooooo handy.

cheers, ianw

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