Monday, May 19, 2014

Victoria Day 2014


  Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria, by the Grace of God, Empress of India, Sovereign Ruler of the British Isles, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Empress of India etc, etc, etc.  

  Bids you Greetings,

   My loyal and simple subjects We bestow upon you a day to celebrate your good fortune to have been born of the Empire. We give permission for celebratory displays of fireworks, feasting and other festive activities as suitable forms with which you can show your affection and love for Us.

   Those were the days, weren't they.  Now 'tis the May Two Four Weekend, and mostly old Vicki, is forgotten.

   My weekend was work heavy.  Yesterday I spend several hard hours cutting a tree down at my Mother's house. My brother and I sawed away at the tree four about four hours.  We used a reciprocating saw and and a brush trimming blade.  It is pretty amazing how much work you can do with a reciprocating saw, it also shows why you cough up the extra dough to buy a more expensive model.  A lower cost saw does not run as smoothly as the more expensive models.  This is a tool were it is an especially good  idea to buy as much as you can afford.  When I was finished yesterday I could hardly hold my beer. 

   Don't take my word for it, there are other folks have have discovered the advantages of the recip saw vs. chain saw.

    Today is officially the holiday, but since I am retired, everyday is a holiday.....sort of.
    The shop work today was much less obvious.  We worked on our back yard, Eva is designing and building a water feature that will show off our terraced garden.

  In under the landscape fabric are bits of wood frame work as well as framing made from limbs cut off of yesterday's trees.   That sort of wood working uses my new bow saw, long screws and a hatchet to put it all together.

  There remains the need for a bunch of stones to cover some of the framing, and a general clean up around the construction site, but, the water runs and the pond doesn't leak. We began work on this back yard feature nearly a year ago.  Shortly after we finished the pond, my back gave out totally and Eva, broke her foot.  

  A busy holiday weekend.
  God Save the Queen.

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