Saturday, May 10, 2014

WOOD -chips

  Spring has finally arrived and with it the annual load of wood chips for our garden.  The nicer weather makes working inside less appealing,  however not all outside jobs are joyful.  There a more than 100 wheel barrow loads of wood chips that need to be moved off the driveway and onto the garden.

  While I moved wood chips Eva finished pruning the roses and shrubs that did not have a happy winter.  Much of our garden has been pruned down almost to ground level, it was a terrible winter.

Fiskars PowerGear II Bypass Lopper
Fiskers PowerGear ll
  If you haven't got long armed pruners, do yourself a favour and spend the money.  Not only will you be able to prune heavier branches, but you will be able to reach inside your rose bushes without being shredded. 

  I guess it is workshop in the evenings and rainy days for a while now.


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