Friday, May 16, 2014

Hole Saw Project and new Word -Handie

  I have been pondering how to make small cylindrical containers, quickly and easily.  Why cylindrical ?  Why not, actually  because they look nice and a bit different.

I am coining a new wood.  I am calling it a Handie.
 It is not a selfie, it is a photo of something held in your...
wait for it.....
This is a Handie of the cylinder that I made in the shop, without a lathe

  My plan is to make a  bunch of little cylinders, with tops; I haven't figured that part out to my satisfaction yet, to use instead of nasty little plastic things, and if the wood is nice enough I think these would make lovely little ring boxes too.

  How did I make them without a lathe?

  I used a set of hole saws.

The is a whole selection of hole saw bits available. 
 My set are a middle price range set.

  I cut the large cylinder from both ends first.  Then I used the pre-existing centre hole to guide a smaller hole saw to cut out the middle.  Hold the cylinder in some sort of clamp, not your hand, Remember Safety First.

  I glued a thin piece of wood on to one end and sanded to 400 grit.  The prototype turned out not bad.  I will make another one, but shorter and figure out how I want the lid to look.  This is sort of the same idea as a band saw box with the ends being re-glued after the machining is done.

   I'll keep you posted.

cheers, ianw

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