Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Hardwood Flooring Story

  Like is says in the video, there was a time when exposed wood on the floor was a stylistic no-no.  Times and fashions change.  Our house is all hardwood or ceramic tile, mostly to try and reduce the dust in the house to help reduce my chronic sinus problems.  I feel it was a good decision, since we moved into the house before the subdivision was completed, over the last five years we have swept up bushels of dust and clay that has blown in the windows. I can only image what carpets would be like by now.

How it is made, hardwood flooring

  Once you buy your hardwood flooring, you need the tools for installation. A saw, measuring tape, square and flooring nailer.

Grex 15 Gauge 2'' Hardwood Flooring Stapler MS1250

    There is also a laminate flooring cutter available for sale.  I have never used a tool like this, the times that I have put down laminate flooring I used my table saw to cut the pieces and then had the blade resharpened, the flooring really beat the blade to death.  If I put laminate down again I will try either the cutter or the flooring saw, portable and designed for the job. (two important assets)

   You may also be interested in the Bessey flooring Kit. Remember, you can never have too many clamps.

  Bessey DIY Flooring Tool Kit DFK100

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