Tuesday, March 11, 2014

scratch stock, low budget model

  Last week a video arrived in my inbox from "The Highland Woodworker", at the 15 minute point in the video it showed how to make and use a "scratch stock" I am mostly a router kind of guy but it looked easy and sort of cool, so I gave it a try,

sharpened cutting edge.

  I arrived at the shape of the holder, totally by accident, there was a piece of elm in my scrap box that size and shape.  It actually worked out well because the rounded edges fit nicer in my hand than square edges.  When you look up Scratch Stock, beading tool on the net you find that they are more complex than the one in my photo, but the principle is the same.

  I didn't have a project in process that really needed beading, but so I decided to test my tool on the folding stool that I built last week.  With almost no effort and a dead flat learning curve I was able to put a beaded profile on the stool's legs.  I did this after assembly and so the were some issues with space and clearance for the tool.  Next time I will apply all that detail before assembling the piece. ( as you would with any method)

   If you want to see the video that inspired me you can link here:

  If you go to You Tube there are a variety of links to see other woodworkers and also reviews of some commercially available tools.

  My next plan is to make a version of the beading tool using steel from a reciprocating saw blade for the cutter.  I figure a saw blade should be both sharp and flexible enough for this use, and cheap too.

cheers ianw

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