Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hard Point Handsaw

  I have talked specifically about this type of hand saw in a couple of previous blogs.  You might also be surprised to note that when I checked blog dates I found a typo that I went back and corrected.  You can now follow this hard point/economy priced saw story from here, to March 11/ 2012, to December 16 /2011.

  The other day a blog post came from, he was posting about building a work bench and how he wanted to build it with basic tools to show that it was possible without spending a fortune.  I agree with him, and other bloggers, wood working in enjoyable and does not have to break the bank, and again this bench build project proves it.

  He appears to agree with my position regarding these "throw away" saws.  I doubt that many hobby wood workers will ever wear one of these saws out. And by the time that the saw is wear out the wood worker with be well skilled and know exactly what they need to buy to replace the hard point saw. 

   Also, I seriously encourage the use of these saws when using re-claimed and/of recycled wood.  I have some lovely barn boards, but they scare me enough that I begin all work on the barn board with tools over which I would shed no tears.

   Not only does theenglishwoodworker have wise things to say,  but one of the comments talked about having a hardpoint/economy saw in the boot (trunk) of his car for dealing with found wood.  This is going to be a spring of found wood, there are countless tree branches in ditches all over rural Ontario.  I like this saw:

Bacho 22-inch x 8 Point Hardpoint Hand Saw 010632260
Bacho  22inch x 8 point 

as a potential trunk saw.  Good length, course enough teeth to handle green wood and thicker branches.  And cheap enough that I would shed no tears if it got lost, bent, forgotten, stolen etc. 

cheers, ianw

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