Friday, March 21, 2014

A Closet Helper

 This is a photo of Wednesday's project completed with hooks attached.  And your last chance to guess, before the big "reveal".  

   So there it is, in my closet with belts and suspenders hanging on it. In my double sized closet the hanger bar was getting a bit saggy and I decided to support its efforts.

  And the bracket that is in the middle of the bar's span was clearly sagging too.  If I knew for sure that the bracket was screwed to a stud, I wouldn't have worried, however, I have worked on this house before and so there is real likelihood that  the bracket is only screwed into the shelf above, (which is sagging) and on to the drywall. (which doesn't really have much structural strength).  

  As I am sort of a belt and suspenders kind of guy I thought it would be a good idea to support that bending bar now, instead of repair what ever consequences were forth coming if the bar gave way. 


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