Monday, March 17, 2014

Fed up with Winter

 Now it is March, and there is still snow on the ground and the daily temperature still hovers around freezing. ( 0 degrees Metric, 32 degrees Imperial).  Either way, it is cold enough that I need mitts or gloves to go out for more than a couple of minutes.  Also, it is still boot weather.

  For the entire winter we have shovelled snow and walked in the snow and scraped car windows and .... and.... and.... all the standard winter stuff.

  At the end of nearly all winter activities I end up with wet boots, mitts and hats.  After a winter of damp mitts and boots I finally got frustrated enough that I have done something about it.

  One inch holes and 3/8 dowel, about 8 inches long.

  The boot/mitt dryer is a box that is 3/4 inch deep that sits over top the furnace grate on the floor.  I should have made two of these last November, know how it is.

   When I have to drill a bit hole like these I really like forstner bits.  A set of bits seems costly but, cheap quality bits burn easily and soon are almost useless.

   When I drilled the holes for the dowels I used my drill press.  Even after years of hole drilling, I use a drill press when I what things to be accurate, I never got to be a straight up and down guy, regardless of practice.  If you haven't got the bucks or the room for a floor model drill press, check out the bench top models.  I got years of use out of my bench top before I got enough room for a floor model.

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  1. A couple of suggested enhancements: (1) chamfer the holes so they flare out on the underside. This will draw more warm air into the holes. (2) Set this as the lid to a small, bottomless box - this too will allow more air to be captured and directed through the holes.