Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Space Saving Tips for a Small Shop


  Adam Collins is a young wood worker that has created a short video showing how he manages in his very small shop.  My first shop was 10 by 15, huge in comparison with Adam's space.

   I am recommending this video for three reasons:

  1.  He doesn't really say anything new, but he is reminding us of things that we forget when our budgets swell and our shops grow larger.

  2. We 'gray beards'  should listen to younger wood workers when they share their ideas.  If we don't listen to them, there is little incentive for them to listen to us, and so good ideas can get lost through "generational deafness".  I know that age often brings wisdom, I have also learned that creativity  is not age dependent, so listening is good, though not always easy.

 3. These young wood workers are the future.  It is to them that our tools will pass, they should be encouraged.   Should my Grandchildren have no interest in my tools, I dearly hope that there is some young man or woman that will have an interest and put my tools to work.  Every time I go into a road house restaurant and see the walls decorated with tools it makes me very sad.  

Space Saving Tips

Extreme Tools PWS4100TXRD 41-inch Portable Workstaion (Red)

  Ever though mine is a wood working shop, I do have a selection of screw drivers, wretches and sockets.  This link is to a tool box that I have talked about before, but also a good place to start on your space saving/shop organizing quest.


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