Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Signs of the Season

  Last weekend I put my Honda Silverwing to bed for the season.  I took its battery out, slid it tight to the wall of the garage and covered it up for the season.  In past seasons I have kept it on the road until December but this year I chickened out early.  

honda silver wing 600
happy days.

snowy days
a sure sign of  winter
    This was the view of our back deck this morning, not just frost but snow.  And the snow stayed for the entire day.  It is not a troublesome amount, it is just that it is so symbolic, it's telling us that the time has come to put on socks and shoes and  no more going out without a coat. 

8 a.m. on the south side of our house.

   Signs that I can't show you on the blog.  

   One,  today I booked my car in to get its summer tires changed to snow tires.  I just don't believe that All Season tires are as good as snow tires in the winter.  The second invisible sign, on streaming radio the Seasonal Favourites station is in full swing. TOO EARLY, TOO EARLY I say.

Garant APRS106 SnowFlex Folding Car Snow Shovel
a must have

   When I went out this afternoon the water in a water bottle left overnight in my car was ICE. So I got my winter car tools together today, you know the stuff, wind shield scraper, extra gloves and hat and a shovel. I have carried a snow shovel in my car all my driving life. (38 years)  Seldom have I needed that shovel, but.....the three or four times I have needed it, I really needed it. I also carry a couple of small bags of kitty litter in the back, ( I have needed it a couple of times too) it's the Boy Scout in me. When I lived further north I also carried an old parka and boots all season, just in case. Now that I live in Southern Ontario I don't prepare quite as completely, but I still respect ol' Mother Nature.

  At at the risk of sounding like an old fuss pot, you should respect the frosty old broad too.



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    1. Thank you for those kind words. You look to have England well serviced. Do you ship to Sweden?
      cheers, ianw