Monday, November 18, 2013

Where Woodworkers Come From

  I have always liked fixing and making things. When I was a kid I took lots of things apart and tried to put them together, never once did I let lack of knowledge stop me from forging ahead.  Actually that still doesn't stop me.

  Attitudes, tastes and amusements are often shaped early in a person's life and a positive attitude toward maken' stuff needs to be instilled when a person is little.

   Kieran is 4 1/2 and getting to be a very serious and focused builder

  This is a playground for children to play on.  It wasn't long ago that Kieran was mostly interested in knocking down the things that other people built, now he is a builder himself.

   If we don't want our good tools to be scrapped once we are done with them we need to encourage the next generation to be builders.  Blocks are where builders begin.

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