Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another Cool Shop Jig

  This is my second effort to write this particular blog.  My first effort disappeared part way through, without explanation and without any of it having been saved, as it is supposed to be.  If a tool in your work shop was as unreliable as our computers we would through it out.  Sadly we are held to ransom by the computer universe, and its knows it.

what was going on in my head just now

   Trying again:

    I know that many wood workers do not enjoy the luxuries that I do.  I have lots of tools and almost enough space. (space is like clamps).  Over the course of the last 10 years I have also been able to up grade the quality of many of my tools, so I can't ever blame the tools for mistakes. 

   Since not everyone has my good fortune or as supportive a wife I am always on the lookout to share ways to expand the scope of a tools uses.  Single purpose tools are nice but a multi-use tool can be better value.  Also there are tools that you only need a few times a year, making buying a special purpose tool a tough expense to justify.

  On Izzy Swan's web site and Facebook page and You Tube videos you can see a number of easy to make and use jigs that expand the possibilities of your table saw.   I wrote a blog on June 26 th where Norm Abram talks about choosing the correct saw for your needs and if you are of a certain age you were raised to believe that the table saw was the centre piece of your shop.  I am of that age. 

   The video I recommend for your viewing pleasure makes me think that though I have a six inch joiner, there are times that this method would not only give me a good edge but a parallel one too.   I especially like the trick of using wedges to hold the material in place.  Toggle clamps are good, but wedges are cheap and infinitely adjustable.


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