Tuesday, November 5, 2013

An Inspiration from the Internet

  I seem to have turned to the net for content in this last week.   That is mostly because  I am not doing much of interest to you, in my shop just now.

 I made a 24 foot long trough that directs water from our basement's sump pump across the back yard and toward a pond.  It was not high tech, or challenging or of any interest to anyone but us, but it was a shop job. It is also moving toward frost on the wind screen weather and so the garage needed to be cleaned out so the car could have a warmer place to sleep.  That involved making some shelves and moving stuff around and there was nearly a day's worth of shop time spent, not in the shop.

General International Lumber Storage Rack
GEN 99-300

the rack in use, bicycle tools and gear
  Certainly the rack is over kill, but I had one in a box from years ago and it seemed a good idea to put it to work.

  As a safety policy I do not work in my shop once I have had a drink or any of those pills that come with the warning not to operate heavy machinery.  For several days this week I have been battling a cold/flu thing and so taking the afore mentioned pills.  Actual shop time has been a little bit reduced and so I have been looking through the internet for things to share with my readers.

   I found a very interesting video about a wood carver that carves wooden bow ties.  I had seen the video a year ot two ago and went looking for it last night.  Since I saw the video the first time, wooden bow ties have become a cool, fashion thing it seems.   I am always amazed at "fashion", something can flash onto the scene and just as quickly disappear, but when it is here, the "fashion" people act as though it will last forever and everyone needs to be on board with the trend. 

  The video  shows some of Mr. Beloff's work and takes time to talk with him about his feelings and ideas relating to woodworking and life.  The video is not long but I encourage you to take special notice at 2:19 and then again at 2:29.  "Passion, Persistence, Repetition.

cheers, Ian W

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