Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Praise of Sets and Order

Setsof  tools

makes organisation 


    A few weeks a ago their was a brief flurry of activity in my shop while I did some spring cleaning/organizing.  Needless to say, it was short lived, work got in the way of getting ready for work.
wouldn't a magic broom be a great thing???

  However, one thing that I learned a few years ago is to buy drill bits, sockets, and screwdriver bits in sets, in a box.  Nearly everything that comes in a box or case gets unpacked and the fitted box tossed to the curb at the earliest opportunity.   Those plastic cases always seem to take more space than they need and offer more aggravation than protection, so the boxes go.

  The exception to that rule is sets of little things. I have a set of teeny tiny screwdrivers for fixing musical instruments and weeny electronics that I absolutely keep in the case I bought them in.  In this case it is to protect the fine tips from damage in the rough  and tumble world of my shop.
  In the case of sockets, drill bits and screwdriver heads it is less for protection and more of organization.  If I ever need to be reminded how handy a set with a dedicated holder is all I need to is look at my jar filled with Allen Keys. Never buy loose Allen Keys, in my jar exists all sizes, both metric and imperial, sadly all loose, mixed and in a total jumble.  
Bondhus 16099 .050 - 3/8 inch Extra Long Ball End Allen Wrenches BLX13XL
this is the way to go.

Finding the size you want is a long process and worse, I no longer have any idea what sizes are missing from the set. When you have a set and a holder  like this one for drill bits you know what is missing and needs replacing. I have found that it is cost effective to buy a fairly cheap set of bits to get the solid case, and then replace the bits with higher quality versions when the time comes.    That way you haven't spent serious coin on the 17/32 bit that never get used, and you've broken and replaced the 1/8 with something high quality and lasting. (you know, if you buy good drill bits they can be sharpened, and it is worth the time).

   Drill Doctor  comes highly recommended, though I've not used one yet. 

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