Saturday, April 6, 2013

KREG Follow Up

   I said that KREG had a number of patterns and plans on their web site in my last blog.  If you couldn't get the KREG site to co-operate and supply you will some patterns, here is the link to their work bench plan on site.

  Even if you do not need a bench, this is a very flexible plan and can give you the guidelines of a work stand for your planner or band saw.  If you put good casters on your stand you will have a very useful addition to your shop.

  One a side note I was at the Niagara Wood Carving show today and saw some very interesting stuff.  I think the one of the things that I liked best was:

   There were entries for young people 12 and under and 13 to 16.  I know there weren't many entries, but I was pleased as punch to see that there were any.  If you know some young people, encourage them to play with wood, they are the craft's future.

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