Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kreg Jig Table Top

   When you are trying to attach trim to the edge of a table or counter top the KREG jig is an outstanding tool.  As you can see I have my old jig set up so that I can drill the holes along the edge of my plywood table top.  The new jig is lighter and more nimble, but this old best does the job fine too.

   Once the holes are all drilled I used my Right Angle Clamps 
to hold the trim in place while I drove the screws in to hold it.

   Those two clamps enable a mere woodworker to overcome gravity and to assemble their work with ease.  Notice that although the top is plywood, the trim is oak and so the screws used are fine cut screws.  

Course for softwood, fine for hardwood.

   A sideline story about the Right Angle Clamp.  I was working for KREG when they introduced the RAC and we where giving the clamp as a bonus if you bought a Master Kit at the wood shows that year.  Some times I couldn't get people to take the clamp because they just never imagined that they would use it.  In following years I sold lots of RAC clamps, once people caught on to the clamps real value.  Further proof that innovation sometimes takes a long time to find acceptance. 


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