Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lumber Prepared

  Recently a brought home five of my late father's wrist watches.  None of the watches are collector's items to anyone but me but they over filled the available storage, so it is time to make myself a  decent jewellery box. 

   I decided I wanted to make a box from elm and to my surprise my huge pile of elm has shrunk to just a few boards.  A couple of years ago I bought a pick up truck full of ends from a hardwood flooring manufacturer.  It looked like I would have oak and elm for the rest of my life. Not the case, it is time to look around for another super deal on hard wood 'shorts' .

  I re-sawed the boards to 5/8 and the thin slices left  I planed down to use as drawer fronts for the box.  This job was important enough that I even replaced my band saw blade.  Actually I had kinked the previous blade cutting up the cherry branches. 

  The plan is a box 12x14x9, more of less.  These pieces of wood need to be planed flat and sanded before being cut to size. The box will have three drawers made from 1/4 plywood. I think that should accommodate all the stuff I own and then some.

  But not today.  Today is day one of a motorcycle trip, I'll be home Sunday. 

  I will ride carefully,  I never drink and ride and neither should you.

cheers ianw

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                      Roll on Summer!

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