Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Call Out the Dogs

  Since my dogs are wood I painted them red.  Not from a childhood inspiration but so I can find them.

  The dogs on the outside corners are new, two are much longer than the top is thick while two are just about as long as the top is thick.

  The longer dogs hook onto the edge of the big bench and let me push hard on the work piece clamped to the bench topper.

  I also found that setting this bench topper on Bench Blocks/Cookies/Pucks provided enough friction to keep the top from wandering while I worked too.

  This arrangement enables be to securely clamp an ash round down while I work on it with planes and sanders etc.  Since I have about a dozen rounds left this was a very worth while project for those jobs alone.  But  I also plan  to use this in combination with my Work Mate in the garage and back deck. 

cheers, ianw

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