Monday, June 27, 2016

Why Wood?

  Over the weekend we were at our cottage and spent a bit of time wandering around the nearest towns.  One thing we saw was a young man playing a cigar box banjo  / guitar.  The instrument had a through neck with the cigar box as the body.  We heard the instrument initially playing through a portable amplifier but it sounded cool as a strictly acoustic instrument too. The cedar wood cigar box added style and character. 

  On another day we were walking through Thornbury admiring the town and the river.  By the way the local bakery makes a very good cinnamon roll. As we crossed the bridge we saw several really beautiful  flower boxes on the railings of the bridge.

  The flower boxes were made of 3/8 inch steel bar stock welded together to provide a frame. What really made the boxes visually appealing is the contrast of the flowers with the barn board boxes in the frame. I am sure that the boxes could have been made with sheet metal or the frames filled with plastic boxes, but in neither case would be result have been as pleasing to the eye. 

   I am a big fan of the re-using or up-cycling of wood.  Pallets and barn board have years of rough wear left in them that should not be wasted.

 cheers, ianw

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