Friday, June 17, 2016

Quick cheap project, because we should fix, mend and make things.

  In the summer we travel around the province a bit and go to our condo by the lake a bit and recently I left my tooth brush, tooth paste and tooth brush case in a hotel room. Brushes and paste are no big deal, there is close to a lifetime's supply under the sinks in our bathroom. The tooth brush travelling case had to be replaced. I decided to make my own. 

  I can make these things because I have a shop in the basement with lots of odds and ends that I have collected over the years....just in case.

Not a flute, but I could make one
and have a multi-purpose item.
The secret revealed, though
you'd already guessed.

  This is not a wood working shop project except I used a drill to make the holes in the plastic pipe so that the brush will dry out while the cork is in the top. 

 What this is a comment on just making something instead of buying yet another piece of plastic made in a factory on the other side of the world. Why can't we happily improvise things like this? This is a item for which looks are totally unimportant, and style/fashion does not enter into the equation at all. Whether my tooth brush can rattle around in my travelling bag and not get talc, or Rub A535 is what is important and this home made solution does the job.

 I think every house hold should have a few tools, some odds and ends, and a bit of imagination. 

More Tools

 Cheers, Ianw


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