Saturday, March 19, 2016

Two Videos from Two Points of View

I have shown various little projects in my shop lately. For this blog I decided to share two long(ish) videos from two shops with different philosophies. Today's blog is like those 'compare and contrast' questions you used to get on exams years ago.

 The first video is from Chop with Chris, an old school hand tool wood worker.

building a carving bench
  I admire everything about Chris's bench and am very impressed by the quality of the video and the method of work.  The video is worth watching all the way through.

  The second video I am sharing is from Jay Bates.  I have shared videos from Jay before. His work is excellent and the product values on his videos is also very high. Jay works with power tools instead of all by hand. I admire both wood workers and believe both methods to be authentic and sincere, and would love to be as competent as either one.

two ways to make a mallet  
 Jay's work is professional and high quality. In his video he shows a hybrid method of wood working involving hand and power tools. Personally I lean toward the hybrid style of wood work.

  Regardless of how you work wood you need to have reliable measuring and marking tools. AND....don't forget to maintain your tools and to check their accuracy regularly, wear and tear can effect tape measure tips and one fall to the floor can knock a square off 90 degrees. 

 I hope you enjoy and find these short videos useful.

cheers, Ian W   

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