Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday - shop time

 In keeping with my efforts to clean and organize my shop I have been trying to bring the chaos of my computer/art centre desk under control too.  I have the luxury/curse of having too much stuff.

 This morning I went down to my work shop with the intention of making a small rolling computer work centre. The work desk would have room for my computer, keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, extra paper and spare printer cartridges. The plan was for everything to be on one rolling unit.

 That didn't happen this morning. Let me tell you what did happen instead. First thing I had to glue my travelling coffee cup back together. Then I had to paint a pair of shoe lace sliders black to match my new running shoes. Then I began to seriously begin working on the computer table.

 My plan was to make a very compact work station and so it didn't need  materials.  After checking in the garage and the lumber rack I was able to gather all the wood together.

   However I did get side tracked by the mess in the back corner of my work shop.

 This is actually the cleaned up version, after an hour's work.  This back corner is were all the little bits and pieces are collected and saved for another time. There is a drawer on the desk fulled with various types of tape, another with handles and yet another with hinges. The rolling box under the desk holds router accessories and related items. The metal cupboard is filled with jars of screws, and washers and, and, and.

 So this morning I couldn't ignore the corner any longer. Also I really needed to uncover my desk top where I have my sharpening station.

  What remains is for me to get my grinder out from under my work bench and get it back here too. If all that sharpen gear is handy I will be more likely to briefly interrupt what I am doing, step over to the sharpening tools and touch up a blade rather than soldier on with a dull and growing duller tool.

 Sitting beside the sharpening tools is my scroll saw. It was on my work bench for a few weeks and always in the way. If I moved it once I moved it 47 times. Now the saw is out of the saw but still handy for making hippos and rhinos.

 As I organized and vacuumed I sorted things out. I found my next small project staring me in the face. 

 Sometime ago I bought a few of these metal tool trays, now I am finally going to build some tool boxes to use these trays. There is the tray and wood to make the box ready to go. You can never have too many tool boxes. ( or clamps)

 I also found a piece of maple and glued it into a turning blank. 

  The computer desk idea has not been abandoned, it is just going to get some design reconsideration while I work on some other things first.

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