Monday, March 14, 2016

 On Sunday I was in my shop doing some small repairs on 10,000 Villages products when my Grand Daughter Clara came down stairs and offer to help sweep my shop while I worked.  She didn't have a project that she wanted me to make for her,she just wanted to help out. I can't describe how happy I am when the grandkids want to be in the shop with me. 

  A couple of weeks ago I was in the Burlington Lee Valley and they were selling of totes (handles) for $1.00 each. I bought two,not really knowing what I was going to do with them, but knowing that $1.00 each was a wonderful price for a very comfortable handle. As you can see I attached one of the handles to make a push stick to use on my jointer. The other handle I may just hold on to as a pattern for things down the road.

There is a hollow in the base of the handle, I filled the hollow with piece of pine I shaped to fit,then glued the whole thing the board.

 My current distraction is a bit of wood turning. I had some pieces of Black Locust (I think). If you can recognize the wood by the bark and it isn't Locust let me know please. I cut one section into some napkin rings.  This larger section is mounted and been roughed into round and currently has filler drying in a serious crack and the plan is to make a couple of candle holders from that chunk. 

  My current plan is to doll the rings up with some carving or wood burning or something....

Small project can bring big satisfaction.

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