Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Toy Box and a Woodworking Project for Someone with No Tools.

 I have been working away in my shop, but not on new things. I am making another Quarto game and board, this time I am using an integrated wooden hinge in the box. Also I scroll sawed another Hippo like last week, so there isn't anything new to share. As I looked out the window at the wind and the rain I looked through some old photos and thought about some previous projects. 

 A favourite wood working photo is:

 grandson in toy box that I made for his second Christmas. To keep the toy box from weighing a tonne I used panel construction and assembled it with pocket holes. The box is still in use use filled to the brim with all manner of toys. 

  The second thing I decided to share is a wood working project that only needs glue.

  This puzzle is an old fashioned 9 x 9 square, 

If you are creative it can also make a snake.

  To make this puzzle without tools you need to go to a craft supply store and buy wooden cubes. 3/4 inch work okay, 1 inch better. The only small trick is to glue the pieces together carefully and make the angles square. If you have a shop you can make your own cubes of course but some times, some things are best made in a giant factory.

 This evening I am headed to a local Boy Scout meeting to introduce the scouts to whittling. Who knows, aside from a pile of basswood, wood chips there maybe a woodworker inspired this evening.

 cheers, ianw

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