Monday, February 1, 2016

Why all those knives.

 When I made the knife holder the other day it just seemed a matter course that a wood shop needed all those knives. As I thought about it I wondered why I had so many knives when other woodworkers seemed to have so few.

 One reason I think is that I learned how to sharpen a knife long before I learned how to sharpen a chisel and so when I needed a really sharp blade to trim something I opted for a knife. As well I have carried a pocket knife almost everyday since I was ten years old. Even in school I had a jack knife, no one seemed to care in those days. As an adult I had a knife in my briefcase, the glove box of my car and the top drawer of my desk. Over my adult life I have owned, lost or retired dozens of folding knives so for me the knife is a go-to tools.

 I thought I would explain what all those knives are for,as they mostly have a use.

  First the knives for nasty work:

  These blades are sharp, but they are mostly used for scrapping, prying and splitting. I bought the blades un-handled years ago and have expected these knives to do terrible things and clean up ugly gluey, paint covered messed, and they have never let me down.

 The two knives that sit in the top rack with the scrapping knives are:

razor sharp, (left) for fine trimming and the centre knife for food. When I want a snack I like to peel my orange and cut up my apples, don't you?

Mora Sheath Knives
 In the lower pouch I have five sheath knives. These three are working knives. On the left is a Mora chisel knife which I mostly use it out the shop because I can take one tool and get two fine cutting edges. The middle knife is a Mora Shop knife that does heavier trimming that the other very fine bladed knife. With the moulded plastic handle this knife is nearly indestructible and it was very reasonably priced. The knife on the right is a Mora carving knife, I use it to add little details.

  These knives are just historic. The top one was my Grandfathers, it is old, bent and fantastically sharp. I don't remember where the lower knife came from, the blade is very think and heavy but I like they way it the knife looks. I am not a collector, but I see, to have collected a few things just because.

 The knives in the middle holder are a marking knife, that I don't use much and a utility knife that I use to cut plastic and plywood mostly.

 While I am sharing knife information I'll share a knife that lives in a drawer, was cheap, won't hold a edge and I bought because it caught my eye.

  It is an imaginary skinning knife. It looks the part, sort of, but won't hold an edge, at all. I think I knew it was junk when I bought it, but it just looked cool.

  That accounts for the knives that I keep close at hand, in my shop. Maybe one day I'll share my folding knives' story too.

  cheers, ianw


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