Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday, not according to Plan

 This morning I was planning to drive over to see my Mom, have some tea and catch up on family gossip. Originally I expected to be home by lunch, didn't happen. Why, cinnamon buns happened. I arrived to discover Mom was baking for a church event tomorrow.

  I do not know a person that can walk away from fresh out of the oven cinnamon buns with lunch, so I didn't get home to work in the shop as planned. I have got a storage project, that I will take on tomorrow. 

 What I've got to share is finished stuff finally.

  Finally Snakes and Ladders finished with painted snakes with yellow eyes and I also make some game pieces.

  Tova's owl, trivet or what ever.  She likes owls.  

  Finished quarto game, all the pieces are from the scrap bin. I love making something from nothing.

  Into the woodshop tomorrow, no cinnamon buns alas.

cheers ianw

 ookpic owl


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