Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Latest Cabinet Complete

 Now the third cabinet is finished, the doors are hung and finished with orange shellac and spray varnish.

The door frame is 1 1/2 inches wider than the shelves so that I can hang things inside the door, or in the case of the two hammers, out side the shelves.

  The is a successful project, and all that I had to buy was the hinges. The poplar used for the frame was here in a corner and the door skin was left over from other things. All together this section of the work shop is getting to look kind of professional. 

 With this cabinet I had the hardware in hand before I build the unit. Even the doors were a pain to hang this unit turned out better than the one on the right. For the cabinet on the right I didn't have the right kind of hinges and that spoiled the end result.

  If you are planning to build something like this there are 100's of plans on the internet and lots of how to videos on You Tube. There is nothing that I can teach anyone on this project, other than square must be square, close will give you nothing but heart ache.

  p.s. I have also found that my back is steadily but slowly improving.

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