Saturday, February 6, 2016

Japanese Style Box

 I have been making an effort to streamline the organization in our basement these last couple of projects.  The shelf unit in my wife's stained glass space is a big improvement.  I was inspired next to make a small tool box specifically for my small tools. Currently they are spread around several drawers and shelves in my shop and that is not working as well as I would like.

 The box I am building is following a style loosely based on a Japanese tool box.  There are several of versions of these boxes, as there are many versions of tool boxes generally.  I am making my box with dado corners which is a variation.

clamped and drying
 The biggest part of this project is the waiting. Everything is glued together without nails or screws, so it takes time. I am not good at waiting.  While this is going on I built, painted and installed a door in our kitchen and designed/devised a variety of inserts for this tool box.

 The unique feature of all Japanese Style boxes seems to be the way that the lid attaches.

John Zhu box

  I made most of my box with hand tools as well. My box is made from shop left overs this time.  I think that I like the the form and will make another using better materials. I found the lid system interesting.

  Final pictures to follow, right now the stain is drying and I am trying to figure out exactly what tools will live in the little box.

cheers, ianw


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