Friday, February 12, 2016

Completed Face Frame Door

 Making the door for the top of my cabinet was an evolving design. After the frame was done I changed my mind on what sort of inset panel would use. So in the end I needed 1/4 round trim to finish things off.

  Commonly I make small sections of trim and I have developed what I think is a good method:

1st-cut the profile using your router table on a piece of material that is wide enough to rip many pieces of trim from it.

2nd- I then sand the profile a bit and rip it off on the table saw using a thin strip jig,(mine isn't this fancy).

3rd-return to step one and repeat. 

 I do this to keep my fingers away from the blade and it lets you rip off very thin and consistent strips of wood.

 After the trim was installed I made two panels to fit in to the door. I decided to be non-traditional about my panels. To keep the weight low instead of wood I used card board for the panel. For a whimsical touch and as homage to coffee I covered the cardboard with coffee bean bags.

 This way the door is light and by opening upward it closes and stays closed by gravity.

I also decided to divide the doors up this way to keep the doors to the lower section from be excessively long and heavy. After all the doors are to keep out dust not for security.

this is the next mess.
  As everyone knows it is easy to do good work in an organised space. This corner needs attention next.


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