Saturday, May 23, 2015

Finished Mini Work Bench

My mini bench clamped to the big bench in my vise. 

  Just about the time I decided it was time to design and build another small work bench I found a piece of a Workmate leaning against a tree awaiting the weekly pick up. The piece of workmate is not real wood does have all of the dog holes pre-drilled and I have a Workmate in the garage so have all the dogs and clamps designed to fit already.

  Construction of my bench involved a 2 x 8 and long screws. While the benches in my last video were used to support hand planing most of the heavy planing in my is done by machine.(you knew I have a hybrid shop). My bench needs to provide support for cross cutting, shooting and edge sanding as well as assembly of small parts. 

Bench hook on the mini bench.

  You can see that the mini bench has two legs beneath it providing support against side ways forces. Holding up the end of the bench hook is a blue box in which I keep the various dogs and clamps to be used on my mini bench.  I made the box to be exactly the correct hight to support the end of my bench hook and shooting board.

  Now I am going to take toy makers bench and my standing bench apart because this latest effort fills my needs better and takes up less space in my shop when not in active use.

  cheers, Ian W

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