Thursday, May 21, 2015

More-Work Bench Ideas

  Life is for many people a journey, or a quest for the ideal or perfect love, or martini or hamburger, in my case it has become a quest for the perfect work space. (work bench).

  I have written about this several times as my work needs evolved and my back troubles ebb and flow. Most recently I have added Kreg Bench Clamps to my formidable array of Kreg clamps. The clamps were added to my small bench and now hold my "toy makers bench" in place when I work on smaller projects.

 The other evening I was looking around in Youtube and found a series of videos showing "Japanese Planing" benches and another mini workbench from Fine Woodworking.

Japanese Planing Bench Demo Video

   The planing bench is a slightly larger version of my toy makers bench and much more sturdy.  My small bench does not provide the support needed for serious planing or working on material more than 4 or 5 inches long.

  So, my next bench is going to be my version of the Japanese Planing bench. It will incorporate the style of clamps that I have, and be designed for western style planes.  I plan to make the bench about 30 inches long and 7 or 8 wide and design it to clamp to my work bench top like the mini-workbench rather than sit on top of the bench like an authentic Japanese bench.

  Lumber Jocks also has a blog that talks about the Planing Bench and  includes a couple of videos that are worth watching just for their inspirational nature.

  I am gathering materials together and hope to build my bench over the weekend.

 cheers, ianw


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