Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Build a Wooden Passive Speaker System for your Tablet or Phone

 A week or so ago a email arrived in my in box from Popular Woodworking Magazine showing a plan for a speaker system, with no wires or batteries. 

Passive Wooden Speakers

 It was a good looking project and one that I figured would be useful. As is often the case I used what I saw as an inspiration and set about making my own set of speakers.

  I used my tablet to decide the size I wanted to make this project. As you can see my plan was a rough sketch only. The speaker was made from real wood, though I did consider using up some left over plywood and held together with glue only. Making a project like this is about straight lines, glue and lots of small clamps.

  Once the glue set I sanded and planed the speakers I tried them out and discovered that as the article claims, it improves the tone of the sound coming from my tablet very noticeably.

Passive Speaker complete
speaker made from spruce finished with Tung oil

cheers ianw


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