Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Start with the Jointer

  The tool that took my wood working to the next level was my jointer

King, 6in Woodworking Jointer KC-150C

  I bought my jointer to enable me to use rough lumber when I built the crib for my Grand children almost six years ago.


    Popular Woodworking Magazine just ran a short essay on the jointer which reflects much of my thinking, it is nice to have your ideas supported.

  The on-line course that is being offered by Popular Woodworking Magazine is an interesting concept and one that I may explore one day.  At this time I have lots of woodworking books and magazines filled with good information and haven't felt the need to add on-line education, but I am sure there are younger woodworkers that are totally comfortable with the idea.

  I would agree with the essay buy a jointer first, then buy a planner.  It is really nice to have both.


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