Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Child's Step Stool/Bench

  My grand daughter is too short to reach the light switch in her room which was a trial for her all winter. She had to get a big person to turn her over head light on for her and so I decided to fix the issue for her.  Since I am sure she will be tall enough to reach by next winter I made a step stool that will double as a small bench for her room.

  I thought about what I wanted to do for a while. When making something like this you can make a quick easy throw away piece that will end up in the fire place in a year or two or...invest some time and effort and make a notable piece of furniture that you hope will have a long life.

  Before you begin the project I suggest that you have a clear vision, and so know whether it is a throw away or a keeper and use materials appropriate to the task.  I didn't.


  The stool began in my mind as a throw away, after all she will be tall enough that she can reach the light switch shortly. Since this was not to be a long term thing I used some standard grade 2 x 6 and a bit of pine for the side rails.

  As I worked on the stool concurrently with the pant hanger I decided that I should make a nice little stool and if she keeps it fine, and if not that's fine too. You can never know what thing will catch a person's fancy.


  This is how the step stool ended up.  I used my Bosch Colt to plough 3/8 inch dados and I inset aromatic cedar strips and carved her name on her stool. 

  If you compare first and second photos you can see that I also changed the shape of the legs, after the stool was glued together.  Had I planned ahead I would have cut the legs on my band saw, since I didn't plan it was a bit more of a production.

  First I laid out the design and then used my brace and bit to drill 7/8 inch holes in the legs.  There are times when old school tools are a good solution.  This was one such time.

 Then since I couldn't use the band saw to cut away the waste I turned to my rip saw. I clamped the stool solidly to the bench and used muscle power to make the four short cuts.  

  There was lots of sanding and knot filling before I carved the name in place and varnished the stool/bench.


  At this moment all I have on my work bench are repairs from 10,000 Villages but spring is coming ...slowly and I think I need to make a couple of flower boxes and planters. I plan to continue with basic carpentry and...additional bling.  I liked the process of inlaying the cedar and I enjoy wood burning too.

 cheers, ianw

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