Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oak Curtain Rod Brackets

  We have a new young cat that likes to climb, anything, and his climbing has been pulling the curtain in our front window down, curtain rod and all.  One solution is to get rid of the cat, the more popular solution was to re-enforce the curtain.

    This little project began with two pieces of 3/4 inch oak,left overs from when I did pocket hole demonstrations at wood shows. 

  I used my Mitre Saw jig to enable me to cut the small pieces of wood safely.

   I drilled with holes using a Forstner bit in my drill press and then cut out the balance of the hole on my band saw. 

  I sanded the brackets to 4oo grit and then gave them a quick coat of spray vanish.

  I really thought of painting the brackets white, but painted wood just doesn't speak to me the way clear coated wood does.  I am also particularly fond of oak.

 I put double sided tape on the bracket and stuck it to the window frame.  Now the curtain and rod can't be pulled down by the cat.

  Once again this is a small project,but instead of making two square brackets I spend the little bit of extra time adding some shape as well as sanding the wood especially smooth.  For me there is greater satisfaction in over doing these simple things than just doing  "enough". I worked in the 'that's good enough' world, now I can take the time and do "better than good enough", and that is another good reason to have your own shop.

cheers ianw

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