Saturday, January 3, 2015

Why I love having a wood working shop and why I keep scraps of wood.

  I know that there are many people that have resolved to clean up and organize for the new year.  I regularly resolve to get organized, and just as regularly fail to do so.  However, there are times when I just get cranky and have to sort out the crap.                                                                                                             
  A while ago, spring I think, we bought a unit from Ikea in which these fabric box fit. The boxes were intended for sweaters or linens or the like, we are using the boxes for office type stuff so the deep boxes are not that useful.

   My first stop gap solution was to make some inner boxes from heavily modified card board boxes.  The card board boxes showed the concept to be valid, but soon the lower box collapsed, the upper level tipped and the box was filled with loose pens, note books, and other miscellaneous junk. 
   My first impulse was to throw everything in the trash, luckily my second impulse was to think about a less violent and terminal solution.

re-enforced  cardboard top box
with wooden handle.
    The reasonable solution was go down stairs to the work shop and make a decent box to fit into the bottom of the green Ikea box.

  There is absolutely nothing special about this box, except it fits into the bottom half of the Ikea box perfectly and suits the purpose exactly. I even drilled two finger holes into the sides so that  it would be easier to lift this box out in the future.  I used left over plywood for the sides and a very splintery piece of old drawer bottom for the bottom of the box. 

  Since this box is totally hidden from sight I didn't finish it, though I did sand its edges.  There are lots of ways to do this type of project but I am leaning toward 'Old School' carpentry when I have a project like this.  'Old School",  hammer, glue and nails, no air nailer, or impact driver or pocket hole, or dowel or tenon or dovetails.  I have decided that it is fully appropriate to nail the wood together and get on to the next project.  

  If I have a New Year's Resolution, it is to use my time wisely, by allotting a given task an appropriate the amount of energy and resources. 

cheers, ianw 

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