Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hands Free Bench Stop

  It is not often that I make something I see on the net exactly as it appears.  This time however I think I've made a version that is true to the video inspiration.

My stop uses a thirty six inch KREG Mini Track, upside down; 

    and a couple of pieces of broom handle drilled to receive long bolts.

  I ground the round heads of my bolts to slide into the track and used locking nuts on the other end to hold the dowels in position. My plan is to use this stop both in dog holes and clamped onto my bench, that is why I am okay with it being as long as it is.

  In this case I really wasn't anything that I felt needed to be modified to suit my situation so I just followed the Woodsmith Tip.  If you use hand planes a stop like this is very useful.

 cheers, Ian W

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