Thursday, January 8, 2015

Phone, Tablet and Business Card Holders.

 I saw a YouTube video with a wood worker making smart phone stands out of 2 x 4 lumber from his scrap bin and thought 'I can do that'.  Naturally I did something inspired by,rather than exactly the same. 

white cedar
  I gathered and dried some wood last spring to turn on my lathe but it seemed a natural fit to use a couple of pieces for these projects.

black locust
Black Locust

card holder, left over from the tablet holder.

   To make the card holder I drilled through the piece of wood and glued a base on, while the other pieces are slots cut in the wood and cleaned out with a chisel and sand paper.

    These are nice little desk accessories that anyone can make. I used a hand saw, a hand drill, wood rasp, chisels and sand paper to make these items.  For the finish I used three coats of spray varnish.  Maybe cut up your Christmas tree and make some things?

cheers, ianw

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