Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tuesday was Glue Up Day

  I've been working on a couple of projects lately and since they both required both construction and design they have taken extra time. I am a very slow designer.

  I made a portable Quarto game and then decided that I didn't want to carry it around in a zip lock bag.  I am working on a small box in which the game pieces will fit.

    The glue up is a frame on which the game board is glued.  The quality of glue available now means that if I am patient a project can be solid without any metal fasteners. When I make smaller things I really try to avoid nails and screws if possible.

 While making the 'box' I had a design brain wave (I think) for the method of closure. I am going to use an improvised hinge made from rubber inner tube that is the hinge and the closure device all in one.

second stage glue up with internal stop installed. 

  If my plan works it will be cool.  If it doesn't work, you'll never see it again.  Doctor's bury their mistakes, mine burn in the fireplace.

  The last glue up is the beginnings of my Work Bench Tool Tote, inspired by Jack Houweling.  I really liked Jack's idea but decided to develop my own design, since this tote will hold  layout and measuring tools. In fact I am thinking two totes, one with layout tools and other one holding assembly tools and glue like Jack's. My totes will be small and fit underneath the work table top, if all goes according to plan.

  The next stage is decide the rest of the design. Next blog should will show progress, maybe completion. 

cheers, ianw  

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